PhD position Environmental Governance, Land Use Change in Latin America

PhD Assistantship SUNY ESF

Environmental Governance, Livelihood Impacts of Land Use Change in Latin America

A 3-year PhD assistantship at SUNY-Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) is being offered in the areas of environmental governance and social and livelihood dimensions of land use change in Latin America as part of two large interdisciplinary projects.  These NSF funded projects are focused on: 1) socio-ecological impacts from bioenergy development across the Americas; and 2) coupled socio-ecohydrological systems in Mexico. The selected PhD student will have the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in Brazil and Argentina for the bioenergy project, and in Southern Mexico’s cloud forest for the project focused on payments for hydrologic services. For both projects, the PhD student will participate in qualitative interview collection and analysis, and quantitative household survey collection and analysis. He/she will function as part of an international team of students and scientists and it is expected that his/her dissertation will be related to these projects.

Desired attributes include a passion for social science research, excitement about international field research, a strong interest in interdisciplinary science teamwork, background in social or environmental science, and Spanish and/or Portuguese language skills. Preference will be given to students already holding a master’s degree in a relevant field. To apply for this position, please send your CV and a 1-page letter describing your qualifications to Dr. Theresa Selfa at .   Please put “PhD Assistantship” in the subject line. The PhD assistantship at SUNY-ESF includes a stipend, tuition, and most fees for a 3 full years. The selected student will complete their PhD in the Environment and Natural Resources Policy Program at SUNY, an interdepartmental program that combines social and biophysical science training. The start date for the position is as early as Winter (January) 2015, or in Fall 2015. Questions are welcome – contact Theresa at

SUNY-ESF is a doctoral granting university with a high level of research. With a total enrollment of about 1,700 undergraduates and 600 graduate students, ESF provides an intimate small-college atmosphere while hosting several graduate programs. SUNY-ESF and Syracuse University (SU) have adjacent campuses. ESF students have access to all SU libraries and other facilities. Graduate students have the opportunity to pursue several concurrent degrees with SU. See ESF at a glance for more information:


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Review of applications will begin on November 1st and continue until this position is filled.  Finalists will be asked to provide letters of reference and transcripts. 

Dr. Theresa Selfa

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director,
Environmental Studies
109 Marshall Hall
Syracuse, NY 13210


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